Tyrol from a special fiew.

The snow-capped winter landscape of Tyrol, filled with the hustle and bustle of the mundane ski company, which was found in the 20s and 30s in the wintery Kitzbuehel to Skisport. It is a central and unmistakable motif in the works of the Tyrolean artist Alfons Walde, who always regarded himself as an interpreter of his living space and still contributes significantly to the image of Tyrol as a country of winter sports.

For years, we have been working on the mediation of works by the Kitzbühler painter. In the course of time an extensive workbook of his most important works has grown showing the complexity of the artist and his multi-faceted motif as impressively as the passion for his homeland and its inhabitants. 

Oberndorf in Tirol 1891-1958 Kitzbühel
Die Betschwestern
27 x 29 cm
Links unten signiert und datiert 1914

Oberndorf in Tirol 1891-1958 Kitzbühel
Sonntag in Tirol 
52 x 46,6 cm
rechts unten signiert

Der Aufstieg.

The alpine pastures in the Tyrolean winter landscape are monumentally built and impress with the atmospheric force of a seemingly untouched nature, which the skiers enter almost cautiously. It portrays a winter idyll with the deep blue of the sky and the pure white of the snow with the atmospheric force of a seemingly untouched nature.

Oberndorf in Tirol 1891-1958 Kitzbühel
Öl auf KartonÖl/Karton
70 x 48,5 cm

Alfons Walde sets the skiers skilfully on stage with his powerful brushwork. Facial expressions remain hidden in the shadows and allow someone only to imagine. Behind them are the snow-covered, monumentally constructed, and impressive rock formations of the mountains in the deep blue cloudless sky.

The artist's painterly abilities can be seen in the nuanced white of the snow passages. The entire motif is filled with the powerful light of the sun and gives the viewer a positive and life-threatening mood. The harmony between man and nature is a central concern in the artistic work of Alfons Walde.

Sonne über Sorasass.

Die "Sonne über Sorasass" ist das eindrucksvolle Ergebnis einer fruchtbaren Zusammenarbeit zwischen Alfons Walde und dem bekannten Südtiroler Bergsteiger Luis Trenker. Dieses Werk diente als Vorlage für den Einband der 1953 erschienenen Auflage von Luis Trenkers Buch "Sonne über Sorasass".

Für Walde typisch ist die angeschnittene Figur im Vordergrund, die ihren Blick in die Ferne schweifen lässt und so eine Verbindung zum Betrachter aufbaut. Die zahlreichen Skifahrer im Hintergrund in ihren dynamischen Posen setzt Walde ebenso gekonnt ins Bild wie das strahlende Weiß der Schneemassen und die besondere Lichtstimmung der Tiroler Bergwelt.

Neben der Signatur Waldes vorne links ist diese Arbeit rückseitig datiert und zeigt eine persönliche Widmung von Luis Trenker an seinen Sohn Florian  "Meinem lieben Florian zum Geburtstag am 18. XII.1962 / Pa Luis.". Mit "Für Nesti mit vielem Dank für die gute Hilfe in schlechter Zeit!  Herzlichst Flore 14.6.1990" wurde das Bild auch ein zweites mal mit einer persönlichen Widmung versehen. 


Sonne über Sorasass
Öl und Gouache auf papierkaschierter Malpappe
18,2 x 13,5 cm
links unten signiert und datiert, Kitzbühl 1.3.1953

Fashion Show Rebekka RuetzFashion Show Rebekka Ruetz

Natural architecture.

He is concerned with an unmanaged and unadulterated depiction of man, just as he lives and feels. The popular power of the peasant and urban population of Tyrol has deeply influenced Walde and is a frequent motif in his works.

The artist understood how to capture the magic of nature in subtlety-rich moods. The motif "Tiroler Bergdorf (Auracher Kirchl)" is a parade example of the harmony of nature and man with the colouristically fine nuances in the white and blue of the snow. It is not for nothing that this subject has become par excellence for the Kitzbüheler Raum and Tyrol.

In the course of his artistic life, Waldes mature form canon increasingly gains in depth, rhythm and sculpture, the contrasts appear strong, and the colors glow intensively.

Oberdorf in Tirol 1891-1958 Kitzbühel
Einsame Hausung
Öl auf Karton, 70 x 49 cm, rechts unten signiert

Oberdorf in Tirol 1891-1958 Kitzbühel
Hof am Kaisergebirge

Öl auf Karton
49,5 x 70 cm
signiert rechts unten, 1935

Tyrolian life.

Alfons Walde was born on the 8th of February 1891 in Oberndorf-Tirol. Early on, he showed striking interest in painting. He studied architecture at the Vienna University of Technology and took courses in freehand drawing and watercolor painting. He became acquainted with Albin Egger-Lienz, Gustav Klimt, and Egon Schiele through the introduction to the circles of the Viennese avant-garde. Alfons Waldes impressive impressions from Tyrolean everyday life and peasant life, in their radiant colors, made him one of Austria's most important artists. Walde has kept the wise and sluggish of the peasant people by simplified color silhouettes.

The works of Alfons Walde, who are strongly represented in the art market and exhibitions, have made the oeuvre of the Tyrolean painter a fixed place in the canon of the Austrian art history. Walde is probably best known for his winter pictures, in which he contrasts the shining white of the snow with a deep blue sky. In these powerful works, he combines his expressive painting style with the primordial force and unspoilt nature of the Tyrolean landscape. Alfons Walde passed away on the 11th of December 1958 in Kitzbühel.

Oberndorf in Tirol 1891-1958 Kitzbühel
Frühling in Tirol
Öl auf Karton, 63 x 49 cm, links unten signiert
rückseitig Etikett mit Bezeichnung und Datierung 1932

The other side.

Walde's "other" side opens up the intimate world of the women he loves, in dance and in act. In most cases, charming, spontaneously formulated figurations, once in the simple contour language of the female body, are once interwoven in a moody space, then again expressed in erotic openness, usually with colouristic refinements.

Oberdorf in Tirol 1891-1958 Kitzbühel
Akt mit Kette
Öl auf Karton
33 x 31 cm

Oberdorf in Tirol 1891-1958 Kitzbühel
Mädchen mit Skimütze
Aquarell auf Papier
36,5 x 26 cm

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