Breslau 1891 - 1945 vermisst

Franz Sedlacek was born on the 21st of January 1891 in Breslau. At the age of six he moved to Linz with his family. He graduated in 1909 and moved to Vienna a year later to begin a chemistry degree at the Technical College. As a founding member of the Linz artist's association MAERZ, he exhibited numerous works in Upper Austria. From 1921 on he regularly took part in exhibitions of the Secession in Vienna, of which he became a member. He is regarded as the most important Austrian representative of "Neue Sachlichkeit", whose style is characterized by a realistic-numb speech. Often, his minute and smoothly painted pictures, held in glaring color contrasts, convey an eerie nightmare and fantastically eerie suggestive visions. Franz Sedlacek died in 1945.

Breslau 1891 -1945 vermisst
 Die Strasse
Öl auf Platte
75 cm x 110 cm
Monogrammiert u. datiert 39

Breslau 1891 - 1945 vermisst
Bleistift auf Papier
28 x 35 cm
monogrammiert und datiert 1933


Breslau 1891 - 1945 vermisst
Klosterkirche und Pflegehof in Kitzbühel
Aquarell/ Bleistift auf Papier
27 x 39 cm
Monogrammiert u. datiert 1923


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