Leitmeritz 1877 - 1959 Zwickledt/Oberösterreich

Alfred Kubin was born on the 10th of April 1877 in Zwickledt. Kubin lived from 1898 on in Munich, where he first attended the private painting school of Ludwig Schmidt-Reutte. He studied painting at the Royal Academy under Nikolaus Gysis. Soon after starting he broke off his studies. After several study trips in 1905 he became a resident at Wernstein am Inn on the old manor Zwickledt in 1906. He became a member of the artist group ”The Blue Rider " in Munich. His works are characterized by the appearance of fantastic dream visions, which are presented through nervous drawing strokes. The visionary and symbolic works of Edvard Munch and Max Klinger influenced Kubin. He operated almost exclusively as a graphic designer. Alfred Kubin died on the 20th of August 1959 in Zwickledt in upper Austria.

Leitmeritz 1877 - 1959 Zwickledt/Oberösterreich
Phantasien im Bremer Ratskeller (11 Ilustrationen)
Aquarell, Tusche, Feder auf Papier
31 x 26 cm
alle signiert

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