Penzlin 1872 - 1947 Burg Stargard

Maria Hager was born on 20 March 1872 in Penzlin. She attended a public school and a private school. Maria studied singing in Hamburg and Berlin however, she soon moved to painting. Later, Eugen Bracht himself taught her, as well as Hans Licht, and Ernst Kolbe. She was involved in major art exhibitions in Munich, Hamburg, and Paris. On her travels, the port and urban landscapes, through which she became popular, were created. Her works, which were unique because of the color and solid brushwork, were mostly painted outdoors and are attributable to the late Impressionism. Maria Hager painted 320 known works. These are mostly privately owned and partly in museums. Maria Hager died on the 25th of April 1947 in Burg Stargard.

Penzlin 1872-1947 Burg Stargard
Im Hafen
Öl auf Leinwand
64 x 75 cm
rechts unten signiert


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