Linz 1930 - 2005 Linz

Fritz Aigner was born on 13 July 1930 in Linz. Aigner visited the elementary school and the grammar school in Linz from 1935-1941. From 1941 to 1945 he was a student in Baroque Kremsmünster, 1947-1952 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In 1952 Aigner won the State Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts for "The action of the Prodigal Son". After that he lived as a freelance artist in Spain, Ireland, and Linz.

In his work Aigner often showed a dispute with Rembrandt (example: oil painting "Rembrandt's trick with the light"), which is why in Linz we called Aigner the "Rembrandt of Linz". Aigner distinguished himself also as a draftsman and printmaker, these works represent some very dark apocalyptic scenes with allusions to society and well-known people. Also worth mentioning is a separate unit block of large-scale reverse glass paintings. Aigner died at the age of 74 years in Linz.

Linz 1930 - 2005 Linz
Selbstportrait mit Kürbis
53 x 82 cm
links unten signiert und datiert 74


Linz 1930 - 2005 Linz
Hockender Akt
Graphit auf Papier
57 x 76 cm


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